Preliminary topics available during IPC 2017 abstract submission  

  1. Large scale phytotechnologies field projects                

  2. Constructed wetlands                          

  3. Phytoremediation of soil contaminated with trace metals and organic contaminants                

  4. The plant microbiome in phytoremediation / phytotechnologies                     

  5. Phytotechnologies for control and treatment of surface water, groundwater, indoor and outdoor air

  6. Plant-nanoparticles interactions                    

  7. Ecological restoration of mining sites                    

  8. Urban phytotechnologies: green roofs, green walls and rain gardens.        

  9. Bioremediation and bioeconomy                    

  10. Biomass production for energy and industrial bioproducts

  11. Landscape architecture and phytotechnologies

If you are unsure of which category your abstract belongs to or if it may not entirely match with the preliminary topics listed as above, you can still submit it, we are open to suggestions.

Important Dates

Registration and Call for papers starts 
February 9, 2017

Oral abstract submission deadline

Poster abstract submission deadline
July 31, 2017

Review by Committee and authors notification
New date: From June 30, 2017

Early bird and presenting author registration deadline
August 1, 2017

OMNI Hotel room reservation deadline
August 11, 2017

September 25-29, 2017

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